The Partners for Green Growth pilot project

]The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission has funding available to assist local governments in land use planning projects that enhance priority wildlife habitat conservation, called 'Partners for Green Growth'.

You can download complete information on how to apply from the bottom of the Green Growth Toolbox home page<>.

Please submit pre-applications and questions about this cooperative agreement to Kacy Cook, Land Conservation Biologist, N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission,mailto:kacy [dot] cook [at] ncwildlife [dot] org (kacy [dot] cook [at] ncwildlife [dot] org)>, 910-638-4887.


Pre-applications are due July 31st, 2015. Full applications are by invitation. Applicants that qualify to submit a full application will be notified within one week. Invited full applications are due August 31st, 2015, and will be notified within one week.

We encourage you to share your project ideas with us ahead of submitting your proposals.


Eligible applicants are local governments (North Carolina counties and incorporated municipalities) and regional councils. Partnerships between local governments and non-governmental, non-profit (NGO) conservation-related organizations are also eligible. Local government applicants are preferred.


This is a pilot project of the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission (NCWRC) to form a cooperative agreement with a local government to work on land use planning projects that address conservation of priority wildlife habitats. The Partners for Green Growth pilot project will reimburse cost-share funds of up to $10,000 or up to $20,000 and will provide 80 hours of technical assistance from the NCWRC for local government planning projects that qualify. Projects requesting up to $10,000 are preferred. Landscape scale or large site projects are also preferred. Planning projects should support the principles of wildlife conservation-based planning detailed in the Green Growth Toolbox (<>).

We hope this new resource will be helpful.  This is a pilot project and as always any feedback you have is welcome.

We hope you can submit an application!

All the best,


& Cooperative Land Conservation

Kacy Cook

Land Conservation Biologist

NC Wildlife Resources Commission

Po Box 314, Star NC 27356

Mobile and office phone: (910) 638-4887

kacy [dot] cook [at] ncwildlife [dot] org<mailto:kacy [dot] cook [at] ncwildlife [dot] org (kacy [dot] cook [at] ncwildlife [dot] org)>