OUR MISSION: to enhance existing green/sustainability initiatives by making them more visible, and encouraging connection and collaboration among people and organizations already engaged, and offering educational opportunities to attract more people to participate.

The Triangle area has a wealth of people and organizations offering services, products and opportunities in all sectors of the Sustainability spectrum - environmental, social and economic. And this movement could be accelerated if more people knew about what is already happening, and could find ways to get involved, and were in turn inspired to take their own steps.

One of our primary ways of doing this will be to engage young people in learning about all the amazing people doing this work, and then educating others through written stories, videos, maps, and programs.


Our Community Green is based on the historic Town Commons concept – the greenspace, park, or town square located at the center of many towns that serves as a gathering place for town folk to meet, share information, hold forums, celebrations and sometimes trade goods.

Our Community Green online is a virtual version of that – a place to learn about what is happening in our community, to get information, to find interesting people to connect to and projects to engage in. However, we don’t want you to spend all your time indoors on a computer reading about what’s going on in your community. We hope you will be inspired by what you see here to seek out some of the people, businesses and organizations you are drawn to, join in projects already happening or start some of your own. And then tell us your stories!

OUR LOGO: Communitree - represents the fact that humans are an interdependent, interconnected part of nature, that we cannot separate ourselves from it, and that our survival depends on it. It also symbolizes the strength that comes from community – the more people engaged the stronger the trunk, and the more leaves –representing the multiple resources– the healthier the tree.

“Nature includes us…we are in it and are a part of it…if it does not thrive, we cannot thrive.”

Wendell Berry
Farmer, author, activist