ReSourcing Natural Solutions

Contact Person: 
Jane Norton

ReSourcing Natural Solutions is an educational consulting firm that assists individuals, organizations and communities in creating regenerative, healthy and prosperous ways of living and working in harmony with others and the natural world. We offer:

  • Coaching for individuals,
  • Consulting for businesses, non-profits, educational institutions,
  • Governmental agencies, and communities
  • Educational courses for adults and youth

The ReSourcing Model is a visioning, design and strategic planning process that uses Nature's operating principles and best practices and a quadruple bottom line systems approach that addresses the ecological, social, economic and ethical components of the way we live and work. All programs are customized to meet the client's needs and goals. Some classes and programs offered:

  • Design With Nature to Live Sustainably
  • The Business Value of Green
  • Growing Your Business Green
  • Seeding Sustainable Schools
  • Eco Impact: Empowering Youth to Make a Difference